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Community Guidelines


The Community Guidelines, also known as the Code of Conduct, is designed for purposes of providing rules for the community. Any content violating these rules will not be accepted to the INTerpalore website. Consider the main site rules as an extension of the forum rules.


1. Stay on-topic and civil in tone:


1.1 - This prohibits the use of hate speech on the basis of race, gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, ethnicity, religion, disability, etc.

1.2 - This also includes the targeting of any threats to individuals or groups of people. Violence isn't tolerated.


1.3 - No violence, violent/extremism, promotion of terrorism, or abuse/harassment.


2. No illegal or illicit content:


2.1 - Content on this website and affiliated website are meant to be kept SFW (Safe For Work) and generally family-friendly.

2.2 - Do not attempt to sell or promote any illegal good or service.

2.3 - The sexual exploitation of children is not tolerated.


3. No sensitive media or Adult/NSFW content:


3.1 - The sharing of any media that portrays extreme violence, adult content/pornography, sexual violence, assault, or extreme gore is prohibited.


4. Privacy guidelines:


4.1 - Do not publish, share, or threaten to share another person's information without their expressed consent.


4.2 - It is strongly recommended not to release your own information.

4.3 - More policies about privacy will be in the Privacy Policy.

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