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Super Object RPG

Super Object RPG is an role-playing video game inspired by object shows and popular video game franchises.

This game involves four shapes which are playable characters, Blue Square, a square whose main weapon are blue bricks, Yellow Circle, a circle who uses a zapper as a main weapon and also appears in The Color Competition Series as just "Yellow", Purple Rectangle, a rectangle who uses some form of magic, and the protagonist which is Green Triangle, a triangular swordfighter who does a lot of the talking.


  • NPCs where most of them are objects.

  • Many areas and locations to explore.

  • Over 100 unusual different enemies, most of them being object-like.

  • Bestiary to read about most of the enemies.

  • Special abilities, special weapons, and even craftable items.

  • Other things that aren't mentioned publicly...

Available on Windows and MacOS; Current version: v1.2.3

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