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A series based inspired by Algicosathlon series and certain object shows.

It is a sub-franchise that is about various anthropomorphic, genderless color characters living within a fictional planet known as Goddus.

Blue Raspberry Thumbnail Icon.png

INTerpalore's W.O.W. is known for its loads of characters such as Blue Raspberry, Grape Juice, Shieldy, Meteoroid, Pluggy, Licorice, and others...

There was also going to be a reboot series known as "Battle for W.O.W.", but it was cancelled.

Sprolt Thumbnail Icon.png

An ongoing RPG game with three shape-like objects as the main characters.

The project has been in development since October 17, 2018, and it was released in August 3, 2020.

Other works

These works include but are not limited to:

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