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The Color Competition Series

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The Color Competition Series is a web series based inspired by the Algicosathlon series by Cary Huang and certain object shows such as Battle for Dream Island.


It is a sub-franchise that is about various anthropomorphic, genderless color characters living within a fictional planet known as Goddus. Despite the color characters being genderless, some usually go by some specific gender identity. It was started back in around 2015 when it was just a viewer voting series on the discounted mobile game named QuizUp.


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Hue Assembly Intro Thumbnail.png

The second season of The Color Competition Series, it contains a variety of 24 different colors such as Indigo, Mahogany, and Chartreuse.

Click here if you want to see the contestants of this season. Or click here if you want to watch the YouTube version. (Note that the character descriptions are not exactly the same.)

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Color Overload Intro Thumbnail.png

The first season of The Color Competition Series. At that time, it was a viewer voting season.

This was the most well known season of this series.

Other related media:

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Battle For Rainbow Land Icon (yellow).png

A cancelled webcomic series that focused on a colorful cast of contestants with Rainbow and TV as the hosts of this series. It is the original concept to the second season of The Color Competition Series, Hue Assembly.

Click here if you want to read the webcomic from the beginning.

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Individual comic strips that do not fall into those categories, although part of The Color Competition Series.

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A viewer-voted spin-off series from TCCS. This spin-off was finished quicker than expected due to the cast being outdated.

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